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Christingle Services in Bath


Background information

The Christingle service began in the Moravian Church a very long, long tme ago and became a great Moravian tradition. The Christingle service may be held twice before Christmas.

first Christingle service is focused on children and the service should contain lots of popular Carols and should include a procession in the Church by the children with their candles lit, during which a number of childrens carols are sung.

second Christingle service is focused on older people who again will sing lots of carols whilst holding theit lit Christingles. A procession may be included as decided by the Minister. Some Churches just hold one childrens Service but in countries such as the USA would hold the two. Please enjoy your Christingle but be careful of lit candles, candlewax and peoples clothes. Hot wax can give a nasty burn! Be Safe and Enjoy!

For more information about the Christingle, please visit:

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