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Luke of Prague

Moravian People

Luke of Prague (14601528) and John Augusta (15001572)

By Luther's time the
Unitas Fratrum already claimed more than 400 congregations and 150200,000 members hardly a small, struggling church! Luke and John were key figures in this growing church

The former, a graduate of the University of Prague, left the Utraquist Church to become a member of the Brethren at age 40 and was later consecrated a bishop. At his inspiration the church produced an early Protestant hymnal in 1501, containing 89 hymns.

His catechism, Questions to the Children,first available in Bohemian and later in German, "was found in every Brother's home."

JOHN AUGUSTA followed Luke as bishop from 1532-1572. Once again when the Brethren suffered inhuman persecution, God gave the church in John a man of "boundless energy and great gifts for leadership." A brilliant preacher, he held the respect of both Luther and Calvin. John drew up the Brethren's Confession of Faith and sought to unite all Protestant bodies in Bohemia, but king Ferdinand thwarted that hope, throwing John in prison where he languished 14 years.

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