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The Moravian Church

About Us

We are a Christian Church whose roots go back to the 15th Century, when a small group started in what is now the Czech Republic. They wanted to live a simple Christian life in community based on the Sermon on the Mount and faith, fellowship and freedom still characterise the Moravian approach to life.

Following a spiritual awakening in 1727 the Church saw its purpose as sharing the Gospel in those parts of the world that had not heard it. In consequence the Moravian Church today is found in many places around the world and within the Moravian Church throughout the world there is a very special relationship between the members that not even culture, politics or war has been able to damage.

Moravians first came to Britain in the 1730s and set up congregations by invitation of local people.About 50 years ago the Moravian Church in England was strengthened by the arrival of members from the Caribbean. From its earliest days the Church has sought to work in harmony with other Christians.

There are a number of joint Moravian/United Reformed Church congregations and in 1998 the signing of the Fetter Lane agreement brought the Church of England and the Moravian Church into a closer working relationship. Moravians believe there is nothing that need separate all who accept Jesus as Lord, and the Church has adopted the ancient saying:

‘In essentials unity; in non-essentials liberty; in all things charity’.

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