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Use of Hall - COVID-19

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The Church Building is undergoing extensive renovation at the moment and is only available for limited use under the COVID-19 restrictions. Further information is available on the web site.

If your group is
recognised by the government as being necessary and you come under that definition, then you are possibly eligible to use the hall.

Glroups are to provide a
Risk Assessment for their activities and are to ensure that the Church Secretary has a copy for acceptance.

Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers of individuals entering the premises are to be taken and retained for each meeting. The Church
QR Code may be used for the NHS COVID-19 Track & Trace App (available on Google PlayStore free of charge).

Use for private functions such as parties, receptions, etc. that would involve a gathering of more than three households, then you would
not be able to use the hall.

Persons using the hall are to follow the hand sanitisation regieme for the hall. After the meeting the hall, doors, chairs, tables, toilets, light switches and the hall floor. toilet floors are to be thoroughly
cleaned and sanitised. All rubbish is to be double-bagged and taken with you,

Food is
not to be eaten or shared in the Church Hall, although water may be brought in suitably marked containers with the owner's name clearly printed on it.

Please use the one way system for moving around the hall and rooms.

If you have any query regarding using/ hiring the hall, please contact our Hall Bookings Secretary.

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