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Who we are

About Us

We are a friendly and welcoming church of ordinary people trying our best to follow Jesus and to be responsive to the needs of the local community, providing support where needed.

We also try to be a giving church; we support Christian Aid, Foodbank and Genesis, the local homelessness charity, and other charities at particular times of the year.

At Weston we are a Free Church providing traditional services that are familiar to other Christian denominations. We have a monthly Café Church that is informal and appealing for most age groups (see more detail in Services).

At our services in The Church of The Ascension, Claude Avenue, we have a great congregation that worships on Sunday afternoons at 3pm with a more traditional service. Afterwards we have tea, coffee and sometimes cake, spending time for an informal chat about relevant topics and Church life.

There are currently some 30 Moravian Churches in the UK. Back in the 18 century when the church first came to Britain the idea was only to supplement existing churches, not to start a large movement. However we are part of a worldwide Moravian Church worshipping and serving in over 30 countries throughout the world and being part of that world-wide Unity is important to us.

The Moravian Church is remarkably unencumbered by written doctrine, preferring a simple statement, known as ‘the ground of the Unity’ which reads, in part: With the whole of Christendom we share faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe and confess that God has revealed Himself once and for all in His Son, Jesus Christ; that our Lord has redeemed us with the whole of humanity by His death and His resurrection; and that there is no salvation apart from Him.

We believe that He is present with us in the Word and the Sacrament; that He directs and unites us through His Spirit and thus forms us into a Church. We hear Him summoning us to follow Him, and pray for Him to use us in His service. He joins us together mutually, so that, knowing ourselves to be members of His body we become willing to serve each other.In the light of divine grace, we recognise ourselves to be a Church of sinners. We require forgiveness daily, and live only through the mercy of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. He redeems us from our isolation and unites us into a living Church of Jesus Christ.

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